AgencyWe are a group of human beings with dreams and convictions

The difference

We like to think we are not a company among others, and to imagine new ways of working.

The individuals

We are particularly concerned about the well-being of our people, our most valuable resources.

The group

More than a collection of individuals, we are a closely knit team. This cohesion allows us to develop very efficient automatic reflexes.

The communities

Every team member spends half-a-day per week on his communities : non-profit, Drupal contributions, social networks. We see this as an important asset.

The projects

We meet entrepreneurs and start-up teams who tell us about their projects: we try to give advice, ideas and sometimes more!

The friends

We often welcome nomadic workers from all over the world to share experiences.

The team spirit

Our team meets every day for a friendly lunch together, and whenever possible our customers join us.

The vitality

Strategic planning, continuous training, innovation: we are in a permanent process of learning.

Paul Dupuis


  • # Autodidacte
  • # Entreprenant
  • # Chessmaster
Nicolas Tostin

Directeur technique

  • # Drupal ninja
  • # Oracle
  • # Smooth
Kevin McGown

Lead dev

  • # Drupal architect
  • # Kilt mains libres
  • # Tricotinho
Mehdi Messoussi

Chef de projet fonctionnel

  • # Asana hero
  • # Spielbled
  • # Lourd
Olivier Celik

Directeur conseil

  • # Planneur strat
  • # Jongleur de mots
  • # Shakespeare in love
Robert Plant

Directeur artistique

  • # Retroboy
  • # Experience designer
  • # Ultra instinct
Simon Jean Khofski

Développeur front

  • # Gulpist
  • # Homemade
  • # Circus
Marine Pacault


  • # Pixelmaniaque
  • # Dompteuse JS
  • # Photosensible
Fabien Jouandau


  • # ScrumMaster
  • # Jurassic web
  • # Comics
Erick Rasmüssen

Motion designer

  • # Peintre en bâtiment B
  • # 8 bits
  • # Tatoué