DRUPALWe founded the agency around one expertise and passion: Drupal

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From the birth of Drupal…

Our two founders are renowned Drupal experts with respectively 6 and 8 years experience on this technology.

They are considered as pioneers of this solution in France, one of them being the seventh user in the French community, while the other participated in the foundation of the "Drupal France and Francophony" association, where they met.

…To the creation of the agency

Together they worked for the most prestigious agencies and set up some of the most important web projects in France and abroad.

They then decided to launch Agence Propal to attract different profiles in order to offer a global expertise (consulting, conception, creation and development), mastering the production line, and delivering highest quality products.

Propal and the community

The development of an Open Source solution is always strongly bound with the activity of the community that supports it. That is why we raise each team member’s awareness on the importance of contribution, by any means: Q&A and support on forums, event planning, translation, and so on.

Propal facts and figures

More than 150 websites developed with Drupal.

More than 300 million visitors on our clients' websites.

More than 5000 messages messages posted on specialized forums.

More than 8 years of active presence on drupal.org.

More than 30 events attended across the world (Drupalcon, Drupalcamp...).

Drupagora d'Or

In 2017,
Agence Propal has been rewarded with
the Drupagora grand prix jury award
for the website